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Product Info



The DuraDrive curtain and vent machines deliver maximum power, minimal maintenance and unmatched durability for ultimate control of your ventilation program.


Instead of controlling house curtains and vents with heavy, labor intensive screw jack machines, the Standard and G3 DuraDrive models provide a long-life, low-maintenance way to open and close curtains and vents with precision for optimized control during every ventilation cycle.


Broilers, Breeders, Turkey, Hog, DairyGreenhouseVentilation, HeatingDiversified Agriculture


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  • 2-year warranty on gear / 1-year warranty on motor
  • Sealed and lubricated-for-life design
  • Durable polyester belts
  • Simple, accurate limit switches
  • Lightweight design for easy mounting



  • Can withstand harsh conditions with no regular maintenance required
  • Quick and easy set-up
  • Potentiometer ready G3 model has easy set-up for controllers that require potentiometer feedback
  • Versatile design fits in any house
  • Lightweight and intuitive design enables single-person installation



DuraDrive PDF

DuraDrive Brochure

DuraDrive Installation Guide

DuraDrive Wiring Diagram

DuraDrive Curtain Roll-up Systems

Technical Specifications

StandardG3 250G3 150
Torque450 Nm250 Nm150 Nm
Gear Ratio800:1750:11500:1 or 3000:1
Shaft RPM2.1 RPM2.2 RPM1.1 RPM or .55 RPM
Belt Speed (average)24 in/min24 in/min12 in/min or 6 in/min
Power5,000 ft lbs/min2,500 ft lbs/min1,250 ft lbs/min
Pulls2,500 lbs @ 2 ft/min1,250 lbs @2 ft/min1,250 lbs @ 12 in/min or 2,500 lbs @ 6 in/min
Motor1/3 HP 115 volt single phase 115 volt single phase 115 volt single phase1/4 HP 230 volt single phase 60/50 Hz 230 volt single phase 60/50 Hz 230 volt single phase 60/50 Hz1/4 HP 230/460 volt 3 phase 60/50 Hz 230 volt 3 phase 60/50 Hz 230 volt 3 phase 60/50 Hz


Application Specifications


StandardG3 250G3 150
Lifts Curtains
(cabled 1:1)
500 ft long250 ft long250 ft long
Inlet Vents100 (cabled 2:1 to slow)50 (cabled 2:1 to slow)50 (cabled 1:1)
Tunnel Doors
(cabled 1:1)
240 ft long120 ft longnot recommended

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